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Ni'ihau Shell Necklace【Kahelelani Long1】
  • Ni'ihau Shell Necklace【Kahelelani Long1】

    SKU: JO0030–CS

    This is a gogeous earrings with white momi shells and dark pink kahelelani shells. The weaving on this earrings is called Helekonia. 

    Helekonia is one of the ginger flowers, and this weaving method looks for those flowers. 
    One of the Niʻihau's traditional weavings.


    Long earrings of 5 inches, these earrings are beautiful artwork.

    Comes with Niʻihau Shell Official Certificate.







    • サイズ Size

      大きさ Size: 約5センチ (about 2 inch)

    • 素材 Material

      ニイハウシェル Ni'ihau Shell (モミシェル Momi、カヘレラニ Kahelelani)

      フック Hook:金メッキ Gold Plate

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