Pua'a (Pig) Hand Embroidered Cotton Doll  プアア(豚)の刺繍コットン・ドール
  • Pua'a (Pig) Hand Embroidered Cotton Doll プアア(豚)の刺繍コットン・ドール

    Hand embroidered Cotton Puaʻa (Pig) Doll


    • Personalize (Option)


    If you want to add personalized name on the doll, please choose the option (additional fee: $10.00)


    Write the alphabet no more than 10 letters in the column for the name.

            ex)   MAIKO. KENTO KAELELANI, etc.


    Font and the place to put name on the doll is decided by Kauaʻi Gardens. (we canʻt take your request)

    And please understand it would be an extra time to deliver, because we need to work on some more time to complete.

    Thank you.




    • お名入れ(オプション)のご案内





       例: MAIKO.      KENTO      KAELELANI.  など