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Kaua'i Gardens

Beautiful Kaua'i 

Kaua'i is the oldest island of Hawai'i.

Many people say they felt healed after they visited this island with calm and relaxing energy.


Also, I believe this island has a power to create beautiful art and crafts, because it is srounded by stunning nature.


Many artists create their wonderful work were inspired by this island. Please have those great art and crafts from Kaua'i by your side. Gardens honor to assist it from the bottom of our heart.

Ni'ihau Shell 

When we talk about the art in Kaua'i, it is always includes the art of Ni'ihau Shell Accessaries, the neighbor island's traditional craft.

Those beautiful arts are so worthy and precious because of many work processes and with craftsmanship. It is thought more valuable than diamonds in Hawai'i.

As we can send direct from the artist, it can be provided in reasonable prices.

​Also, we can take the custom order. Please contact us if you have a request.

Local Ar t & Craft 

People who moved out to Kaua'i and decided to live here for long...

They say " I was called by the island."

II think people who is fascinated by this island has some commons. This island is not for the majority, but for the small people who needs to stay here.

We will send you the art work of the locals with the island sense. It has a story. And it has an island mood.

​Please select for your gift to your loved ones.

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